End of Life Home Care | Bluebird Homecare
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End of Life Care

Sometimes, an aging loved one requires an advanced level of care but wishes to remain in their own home. By choosing Bluebird’s end of life homecare services, you can help your loved one maintain their independence while still receiving the supervision, assistance and support that they need.


We are not a hospice provider; however, our end of life homecare encompasses a number of assistive services, including preparing all meals, providing medication reminders, facilitating trips to the doctor and other appointments, and offering nighttime supervision and assistance. We will work closely with your family members and their hospice provider to create the daily routine and caregiving schedule that will best serve your loved one’s needs.


Bluebird’s homecare providers are carefully interviewed and selected, to ensure that your loved ones receives the highest quality of care while still maintaining their dignity.


Contact us today to find out more about Bluebird and our end of life care services.


How soon can we talk if I want to know more about your services?

If you send us an inquiry via our website during business hours you should expect a rapid response. If you haven’t heard from one of our trained professionals within 60 minutes, we will give you a $100 credit on your first bill with us.

How much do your services cost?

We bill by the hour for most of our services. On average, the regular hourly rate is approximately $20. That number will be higher or lower depending on a variety of factors including the type, volume and frequency of services we provide for you. Most scheduled visits require a three-hour minimum.


Schedule your free, in-home consultation to discuss your specific needs, and we will gladly provide you with detailed pricing information.

What are my payment options?

Bluebird Homecare only serves private pay clients and families who pay directly for their own services. We can work with you if you have long term care insurance. We do not bill or accept payment from any government agencies, including state Medicaid programs, Medicare, or the VA.

How often am I billed and is there a deposit?

We bill for our services on a weekly basis. We do not require a deposit. We do, however, require that you pay for our services via a credit card or ACH payment using our secure, automated online payment system. You will always receive a detailed, weekly invoice. For families who are sharing the cost of home care, we can accommodate splitting bill payments.

Can you design the plan of care or does someone else need to do that?

We can design an appropriate, customized plan of care for you or your loved one. We work with you to conduct a comprehensive initial assessment and then use that information to design and recommend a proposed plan of care. We review the plan with you on a regular basis and adjust it as necessary. With your permission, we will gladly coordinate with other professionals on your care team to make sure you are receiving the level of care that is most appropriate.

Do you only provide services in the home or can you help someone in a facility or a nursing home?

We can provide services whenever and wherever you need us. For many people, that is their own home or the home of a family member. For others, it may be an assisted living facility, nursing home, retirement community, or a hospital.

Can you work in the home alongside hospice or a home health agency?

Yes, we provide services that are complementary to the kinds of services provided by home health and hospice agencies. We can easily work with them to coordinate care in a way that is most beneficial to you.

Are your caregivers screened, trained, insured and bonded?

All of our caregivers are W-2 employees. Before we hire them we engage in a very thorough screening and interviewing process. Our philosophy can be summed up this way: we wouldn’t send anyone into your home that we wouldn’t send into our own homes to care for own loved ones.


All of our caregivers undergo drug screenings and a thorough background check. Unlike most agencies, we also conduct recurring, follow-up background checks on our entire team on a monthly basis. Each employee is covered by general liability and worker’s compensation insurance, for your benefit and theirs. We pay industry-leading wages and offer an attractive benefit package to attract the very best caregivers for our clients.


Our staff are trained and experienced when we hire them, but we also provide continuing education opportunities and specialty-training for the caregivers who care for our clients with special needs or conditions.

Do you make it difficult to change or discontinue services?

No. We work for you and are responsive to your needs. We can adjust your care plan as needed and as appropriate. You can discontinue our services at any time.