Did you know that 33% of non-institutionalized people aged 65 and older have limited activity levels due to a chronic health condition? With this in mind, if your senior loved one is showing signs of needing extra care, in-home care could be the solution for you. 

There are many factors that play into a senior needing in-home care. This can include physical disabilities or impairments, a new diagnosis, post-surgery recovery, worsening conditions or symptoms, and declining overall health. Avoid costly housing facilities where your loved one won’t receive specialized attention and care. Provide seniors with the proper health protection, guidance, and allow them to hold onto their sense of independence.  

Here’s how in-home care can make life easier on your seniors:

  1. Comfortability & Safety
  2. Specialized Care Plans
  3. Personal Health & Hygiene 
  4. Meal Support

Comfortability & Safety

When it comes time to incorporate extra care for you or a loved one, a crucial component is to ensure comfortability and safety. Having the option to let seniors stay in their own home can often provide just that. Providing care at home means seniors will be able to maintain that sense of familiarity, helping to create a sense of security and freedom. With home care, your seniors can still exist in a space that is their own, visit with their friends and family more regularly, and still engage in their typical activities and communities.  

Specialized Care Plans

While assisted living facilities can have some perks, in-home care for seniors can prove to be extremely beneficial. Senior home care patients can receive more personalized, one-on-one support. These dedicated caregivers can offer a sense of companionship and compassion that you might not find in an assisted living facility with many other patients.

When a senior person needs more specific, involved care, their needs can sometimes be overlooked in a larger facility. With at home care, your senior can get that personal assistance and companionship at their own pace in a more intimate setting. 

Condition Specific Care

Here at Bluebird Home care, our team of dedicated caregivers provide dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and various other care services. When faced with the early stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia, your parent or loved one may experience confusion, difficulty remembering or performing simple tasks, or trouble with daily activities. Because you know home is the best place for your family and is where they want to be, the Bluebird staff is available to provide non-medical assistance with common daily challenges. 

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Personal Health & Hygiene 

Generally speaking, as anyone ages, everyday tasks can begin to become more difficult. Having the option to still live at home can provide a sense of comfort and independence. Senior at homecare can help to maintain or increase confidence levels in seniors dealing with declining health while keeping them healthy and clean. 

For many seniors, there’s a certain amount of pride attached to maintaining your personal appearance and hygiene on your own. Being able to put your best face forward each day is an important part of living a fulfilled life. If your aging or disabled loved one is struggling to complete the daily tasks associated with personal health and hygiene, Bluebird’s expert caregivers can help them maintain their personal care needs in a way that promotes safe mobility and protects them from the hazards and challenges many face in their own homes.

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Meal Support

For many of our seniors, as living on their own becomes more and more difficult, preparing meals can become one of the most challenging daily activities. As aging or disabled individuals struggle to plan and prepare nutritious meals that they need to stay healthy and independent, their wellbeing can dwindle much faster. Bluebird Home care understands this struggle; that’s why we can help provide your loved one with the healthy, consistent meals that your loved one deserves. Provide meal support services to your seniors with in-home care support. 

Keep Your Loved Ones at Home

Every living situation is unique. Allowing your senior loved ones to stay at home can often be the best option. Not only will they be able to maintain most of their independence, but they’ll be able to receive much more personal care tailored to their specific home and health needs.

Aging in one’s own home is a great option to ensure that you or a loved one maintain independence and a familiar life, all while costing less than most other assisted living options. Bluebird Home care helps make healthy, independent living in the home possible. If you or a loved one is looking to age in place, contact us to see how we can help.