Client Testimonials

A Few Words From Our Clients

At Bluebird Homecare, we put the satisfaction of our clients first, and strive to always deliver exceptional service. Instead of just telling you, we want to show you what people are saying about us, at each of our locations. Click your preferred location to see reviews from our clients.

Client Satisfaction

We’re proud of our 97% client satisfaction rate, and our recognition as a “Best of Home Care” provider and employer of choice, as well as Leader In Excellence, for various locations.

“Our home healthcare worker Shirley came to us to help care for my 84-year-old father, who was in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s. She has been a godsend, becoming a part of the family in her care and devotion to both my mother and father. She does more than just ensure my mother’s physical well-being – she also provides valuable companionship that helps keep her emotionally and mentally fit. We will always be thankful that Shirley found us and grateful to Bluebird for helping bring us together.”

“Finding Bluebird Homecare was a dream come true! They were professional, very knowledgeable of senior care needs, and highly skilled. They provided exceptional care and communication. The team at Bluebird Homecare is wonderful, and I would recommend them to anyone!”

Camilla Gaines

“If your expectations are high, I highly recommend this company. I think you will find them as I have to be professional, dependable, caring, and compassionate.”

Sharron Stegner

“I would like to say that I would trust Bluebird Homecare with all my loved ones for the care they would need. I base this on my past experiences with Bluebird’s regional director. Her caring and dedication is unmatched.”

Steve Mayer

Bluebird Homecare is helpful by working really hard finding someone who is consistent. I like that they are understanding and they work with the needs of the client!

Karen S.

Bluebird Homecare has taken a lot of responsibility off of my shoulders which I really appreciate. I like that they really do care about their clients, and they are all very knowledgeable.

Vicki K.

I like that they are able to do everything for me that I can't do myself, and I appreciate that they always send a replacement if my caregiver can't make it.

Evlyn M.

Monica helped us get the care we needed in a very expeditious fashion!

Willard M.

They've helped me out mentally and physically. They're very nice, and they've put in a lot of work to help take care of my house.

Leo D.