It’s an important time to take care of their skin.

The risk of getting skin cancer rises as we age, with Caucasian men being particularly at risk. Seniors who live to the age of 65 have a 40 to 50 percent chance of developing at least one skin cancer as they age.

These statistics make it particularly important for seniors to get regular skin cancer screenings each year, especially before the summer months.

Consider these important risk factors for getting skin cancer:

  • Naturally pale skin, light-colored hair, light-colored eyes
  • A family history of skin cancer
  • A history of excessive exposure to the sun (especially in warmer or high-altitude climates) or use of tanning beds or sun lamps
  • A variety of odd moles
  • A weakened immune system

Check out these important benefits of getting your skin cancer screening every year:

  • When melanoma (the most deadly type of skin cancer) is caught before it spreads, the survival rate is high: nearly 100 percent of melanomas caught early can be completely cured
  • Basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas also have a high cure rate of 95% when caught early and treated properly
  • Your doctor can tell you if you’re a particular risk for skin cancer through a thorough examination of your skin and a consideration of family history
  • Get a free Spotme ® Skin Cancer screening at multiple locations around the country

Take care of your skin this summer!

Get your screening, stock up on SPF, and buy some sun-shielding hats. If you head to the beach for vacation, try to utilize as much shade as possible and stay out of the sun between 10 AM and 4 PM.

Contact Bluebird Homecare for information on how our caregiving team can help your aging loved one fight skin cancer and stay protected this summer.