As summer looms, many aging people are on the hunt for ways to safe proof their homes against the heat and summer pests.

Maybe you have a parent who needs a little help with preparations for the oncoming heat.

Check out Bluebird Homecare’s list of tips below.

Help Control the Flies

During the summer, especially in warmer climates in the Southern US, different breeds of flies can become a serious problem if not handled early on.

Flies can carry germs that cause diseases and illnesses like dysentery, diarrhea, salmonella and e.Coli. When they’re allowed to roost in someone’s home, they can mate and lay eggs, causing an even bigger problem. In warm weather, these eggs can hatch in as little as 8-12 hours.

Some of the easiest ways to help you parents safeguard their home against flies this summer?

  • Purchase residential insecticide sprays and use on surfaces where flies generally congregate: ceilings, corners of furniture, near garbage cans or on windowsills.
  • Create your own fly trap device
  • Sticky fly traps near the door or suspect windows
  • Keep things extra clean. Flies are attracted to rotting or discarded food and generally unsanitary conditions. Help your aging parents keep things extra clean during summer. Hiring a cleaning service to deep-clean once a week can help cut down on the flies and put your loved one at ease.

Take Care of the Fridge

Getting your aging loved one’s refrigerator ready for summer is important. If their fridge goes on the fritz, their food will spoil much faster in the summer heat. For seniors who rely on a certain diet to maintain their health, a broken refrigerator can be very detrimental.

They also won’t have access to cold water and ice, which are both important during particularly hot months.

Check the coils in your parent’s refrigerator to make sure things are in working order. If you find something amiss, have a professional come out and make repairs to prevent a breakdown.

You should also check the door seal and measure the coldness levels so you know everything is working order before the hot months arrive.

Check the Screens on Their Doors

Maybe your parent enjoys leaving their doors and windows open during the summer to let in a nice breeze. You don’t want them to welcome all manner of pests through broken or ripped screens.

Make sure the screens on their doors and windows are secure and intact before it gets hot. Then they can enjoy the fresh air without worrying about pests and bugs getting into their home.

Check the Windows

For both cooling purposes and energy efficiency, it’s important that your aging loved one’s windows are in good shape for the summer.

Single-pane or old windows are less efficient at keeping out hot air in the summer months. This can cause your loved one’s unit to work harder to cool their home, often leaving the inside temperature hotter than is comfortable for your loved one. For seniors with thyroid or cardiovascular issues, temperature control is vital.

Gapping or old windows will also cause a spike in energy bills and put undue stress on an HVAC unit. This can cause undue financial stress for your loved one.

These tips can help you make sure their windows are good to go:

  • Check for gaps and drafts coming from your parents windows. If you don’t have time to do the check, hire a professional.
  • Install white blinds, shades, curtains and seals on windows that are bigger or emit more light than others. This will help cut down on the amount of heat that reflects into and accumulates in your loved one’s home.
  • Awnings and curtains on south and west-facing windows are important to cut down on daytime accumulated heat.

If you’re worried about an aging loved one being on their own during the summer months, a caretaker can help ease your mind.

Check-ins throughout the day can ensure that your loved one has everything they need to stay cool and secure through the summer.

A caretaker can also make sure the refrigerator is running smoothly and that your loved one and their pets have access to cold water as needed.

Contact Bluebird Homecare to learn about our caretaking services and to find a caretaker that works with your loved one’s needs and schedule.