Wondering how to age beautifully? It’s never too late to make new, healthier habits. Although you can’t stop the clock, you can ease aging. According to a 2018 study of 2,203 participants between the ages of 45 to 60 years old, healthy lifestyle changes can help people age in good health. 

Old age brings in a natural change and affects almost every part of the body. That includes the cardiovascular system, central nervous system, skin, hair, muscles, and more. Chronic health conditions are a major problem for the elderly, which is why many seek home healthcare services.

But, even in old age, you can adopt healthier daily habits and prepare your body for a positive change. Here are the top ways to ease aging.

Maintain Positive Outlook on Aging

Harvard experts explain that people with a more positive outlook on growing old often have a longer lifespan and lead healthier lives, compared to those with negative attitudes and thinking. People who are satisfied with the aging process have a decreased risk for conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. They were also less likely to have sleeping problems and more likely to be physically active. 

Being optimistic can give you a great sense of purpose. Based on 2016 reports, positive attitudes in younger older adults are associated with successful aging. Possibly because of their protective benefits against depression and disease. 

Studies show that laughter, humor, and happiness can decrease depressive symptoms. Among the disabled elderly, maintaining a positive outlook helped with the use of positive coping strategies. It helps promote emotional well-being. And offers a protective effect against depression and stress. 

Home care helps elders stay optimistic. Home care gives seniors independence and empowerment. It also offers services that can improve people’s well-being and overall health. Such as speech therapy, basic assistance care, companionship, personalized medication management, etc. With an effective in-home care plan, you can stay on track. 

Make Healthy Choices

A couple of lifestyle factors affect aging. Nutrition plays an impactful role in longevity and decreasing the risk of age-related diseases. Sticking to healthy eating patterns, such as the Mediterranean diet, can offer protective benefits against risk factors for age-related illnesses. 

According to a 2022 study, consuming a diet packed with fish, nuts, fruits, unsaturated fats, and cereals or a low-carb diet can help curb obesity and cardiovascular disease risk. Because this diet is full of potassium, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants, it can also protect the brain from aging. It promotes healthy aging and enhances the quality of life. 

Whereas high-fat diets can lead to skin aging, obesity, fatty liver, and diabetes. Based on 2020 reports by the National Library of Medicine, a diet that consists of at least 35% of total calories consumed from both saturated and unsaturated fats can slow down the skin’s healing process. It can promote inflammatory responses and oxidative stress. This can cause aging of the skin and trigger inflammatory damage. 

What Can You Do?

To ease the aging signs, follow the tips below: 

  • Eat a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Options like the Mediterranean diet or meals high in veggies and fruits can ease aging. Some of the most popular anti-aging foods include watercress, red bell pepper, papaya, blueberries, broccoli, and spinach. 
  • Use sun protection. Regardless if you are running errands or sunbathing, you should apply sunscreen. It nourishes the connective tissues of the skin and helps with collagen production. 
  • Stop smoking. Smoking can make your skin age faster. It causes a sallow and dull complexion. It also leads to premature signs of skin aging
  • Be physically active. Exercise can have an indirect effect on skin aging by decreasing stress and improving sleep. 

Physical and Mental Health Changes

Depression and social isolation are very common in the elderly. They are some of the most prevalent effects of aging. As people age, they often find themselves spending more time alone, which leads to feelings of social isolation and loneliness. Home care is here to assist when seniors need help.

How Home Care Can Help Make Life Easier When You Need It

Home health care helps older adults live an independent lifestyle for as much as possible. Home care can offer assistance in managing injuries or illnesses effectively. At Bluebird Homecare we offer adequate expert care, excellent independence, and better comfort and safety.