Sharon Lowe and her parents have been working with Bluebird Homecare for over nine months. After a hospital visit for her father who struggles with Parkinson’s, Sharon sought advice from her father’s nurse for potential homecare providers. The nurse referred her to Bluebird, and while her father finished his stay at a rehab facility, she enlisted their help to care of her father:

Homecare implementation can be a very daunting process. You want to know that you or the loved one receiving care is in good hands. At Bluebird, many of our team members know this feeling all too well, as many of us have worked with a home care provider for a loved one. We took the experiences we’ve had with other caregivers and created a system that caters to the people receiving the care, not the ones providing it. Clear communication. Trusted caregivers. Quality care. That’s the Bluebird promise.

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