Home care is a challenging field that demands a high level of attention and care. For those evaluating support options for themselves or a loved one, this is an important decision that sets the stage for happiness and quality of life through the aging process.

At Bluebird, we’ve been fortunate to assemble a great team equipped to serve several locations in the South and Midwest. What we’ve found is that for a home care agency to excel it needs to be sure to have strong communication, professionalism, and amazing, understanding caregivers. We’ll delve into why that’s the case, and provide tips on identifying an agency that can deliver high-quality care at the level you need.

Communication Between Client and Caregiver

Successful agencies have caregivers and support staff who communicate effectively. It is a stressful time for any family when a loved one needs assistance, and a communication breakdown can destroy trust or put clients at risk.

A caregiver or alternative agency resource should be available 24/7, as you can’t control when medical needs happen. Caregivers should strive to communicate directly and simply with their clients, and work to understand their needs. If you have questions or concerns, you should feel comfortable asking an agency and ensuring you’re getting the required level of care for your situation.

Listening to Client Feedback – Especially Criticism

Every home care agency enjoys getting positive client feedback (it’s one of our favorite parts of the job). But exceptional agencies listen to all feedback, and particularly criticism, to figure out how they can better serve their clients. While we have a 97% client satisfaction rate, we don’t consider that “good enough” — we’re striving for 100%, and need to learn from the 3% who aren’t satisfied so we can improve. Perusing this list of top complaints helps you learn what you should consider and ask about during the evaluation process, to avoid regrets later on.

Caregiver Screening

A homecare agency cannot excel without amazing caregivers. That is why it’s important to have in-depth interviews, so you can ensure that you’re getting the best of the best. If you’re not sure what to ask, this guide should help you have an effective conversation.

We make it a point to select only the cream of the crop among our caregiver applicants, who must pass a rigorous interview process that includes rigorous screening. Once they become a Bluebird caregiver, we do whatever we can to ensure they stick around if they are giving, paying them fairly and above market rate to provide for their quality of life.

Human Connection

One of the differentiators between an average agency and one that stands apart is the level of empathy and human connection between caregivers and the clients they help. At Bluebird, we take this particularly seriously, and are heartened by much of the feedback we receive.

Check out what Patti Bolen said about her Bluebird caregiver, Lataura Evans, who cares for Bolen’s elderly father four or more times per week. “She loves him, she respects him, and she cares for him like he was her own father,” Patti says. “She’s my go-to person…my sister from another mother.”

We’re so proud of stories like Patti’s because it shows we’ve worked to establish trust and become a valued member of the care team — one that feels like family.

Keeping these traits in mind should equip you to make a decision on care for yourself or a loved one that creates a successful relationship. Though first impressions are key, don’t be afraid to do your diligence and evaluate an agency to ensure a right fit.

If you are looking to meet with a care coordinator to learn more, our regional directors are available to connect. Conduct a search with the steps outlined above, and you’ll be set for a successful relationship between yourself, your loved ones, and an agency that can help them ensure a high quality of life.