With 2019 coming to a close, we thought we’d take the time to share our top blog posts from the year. We had too many great posts to highlight, so we compiled the most popular posts from the past year.

Consider these your must-reads to get a jump-start on 2020!

1. Dementia and How Homecare Can Help

According to the World Health Organization, around 50 million worldwide have dementia — and nearly 10 million new cases are being added each year. With the numbers projected to keep rising, it’s essential to know your options if a loved one is diagnosed with it.

To ensure your loved one receives the best possible dementia care, we broke down three key aspects needed in care: consistency, redirection, and communication. Read more »

2. Live-In Care and Who Can Benefit From It

More than 75% of adults age 50 and older want to stay in their homes as they age. However, there may be some circumstances that keep them from achieving this, such as health. Live-in care is a great option for individuals that want to remain in their homes, but need some assistance in order to do so.

Here, we explore what live-in care is, how it differs from 24/7 care, and who can benefit from it. Read more »

3. Bluebird Homecare Earns 2019 Best in Home Care Awards as Provider, Employer of Choice

We’re extremely proud that 2019 marked the fourth consecutive year we earned both the Provider of Choice and Employer of Choice awards. The awards are based on client and caregiver satisfaction scored gathered by the independent satisfaction research firm. Read more »

4. Respite Care and Why It’s Essential for Family Caregivers

Being a family caregiver is a full-time job that can take a toll on a person. A majority of caregivers focus so much on their loved ones that they forget to take care of themselves — and this oversight can have a major impact on them physically, mentally, emotionally, and psychologically.

We explore the impact being a family caregiver has on someone and why they tend to work past their limit, along with the role respite care can have to allow caregivers to recharge. Read more »

5. 5 Ways to Stay Healthy During Cold & Flu Season

With cold and flu season in full swing, it’s vital to maintain healthy habits to keep our immune systems strong. It’s also important to worry about your aging loved one’s health as much as your own. We share five ways to stay healthy during the cold and flu season. Read more »

We’re proud to be recognized by our employers and customers with Best in Home Care Awards, for both Provider of Choice and Employer of Choice in 2018, and we hope to achieve this honor again in 2019! If you want to learn how we help make healthy, independent living in the home possible, contact us today.