There are more than enough options available when it comes time to choose an in-home care provider. You want to make the right choice for you or your loved one, but how can you be sure that you are? It’s an important decision. With a laundry list of providers to choose from, what makes Bluebird Homecare different?

At Bluebird, we pride ourselves on maintaining unmatched attention to detail, which we implement into every aspect of our practice – including the caregivers we employ. So, what sets Bluebird caregivers apart? Read on to find out.

Our Hiring Process

We only hire caregivers who have received formal training or years of experience in the field. Our extensive interviewing process includes drug screening and thorough background checks. Unlike most other homecare agencies, we conduct follow-up background checks on all members of our team every month – ensuring that you can be comfortable at all times with your caregiver.

We hire less than five percent of our applicants. It ultimately comes down to this: We don’t send anyone into a client’s home whom we wouldn’t feel comfortable sending into our own homes.

Specialized Training

Many of our caregivers have received condition-specific training and are certified to care for clients with specialized needs, including dementia, developmental disabilities, diabetes, and Parkinson’s, as well as end-of-life and post-hospital care. We also make sure our caregivers stay up to speed by providing continuing education and specialized training opportunities.

We Care For Our Caregivers

We understand that treating employees fairly and offering an attractive compensation package attracts higher-quality team members, so industry-leading wages and competitive benefits including access to health, dental, vision and life insurance are all standard for our employees. Our caregivers are W-2 employees and are also covered by general liability and worker’s compensation insurance – both for their benefit and yours.

Our company’s mantra is “Bluebird Cares,” meaning we care for both our clients and employees, treating them like family.

Our Care Plans

We want to be sure we’re providing you with the best care possible at all times, which is why our care plans aren’t static. At Bluebird, we know that needs change. That’s why we work directly with clients to regularly review and update care plans as necessary.

When a family chooses Bluebird, they don’t just get a caregiver – they get the entire Bluebird team. Everyone – from our caregivers, to our Regional Directors, to our corporate staff – is fully committed to providing the best care possible and going the extra mile.

Upholding such attention to detail isn’t always easy, but it’s the right thing to do – and it’s also the Bluebird difference. We look forward to exceeding your expectations again and again.

If it’s time to consider in-home care for a family member or loved one, request a free, no, obligations homecare consultation from Bluebird today. We’ll help you sort through all the homecare options and services to find the right fit for your loved one.