The companionship between humans and dogs goes back several thousands of years. It makes perfect sense that as we age, they would make exceptional partners for us!


From their intelligence to their endearing goofiness, dogs are an excellent option for seniors who want to find routine or need a companion to help them stay safe. A senior may even just need a dog to boost their mood with a furry dose of serotonin every now and then!


If you are looking for a dog for a senior, you must remember not all dogs are suitable. Knowing what dogs are perfect for your loved one and whether or not it is the best choice for their particular situation is an important part of the process.


So, let’s cover the benefits of companion dogs, what to consider before committing to one, and the best dog breeds for seniors.

Benefits of a Companion Dog

Here are a few ways in which companion dogs are beneficial to seniors.

  1. Dogs improve physical health: Seniors who own dogs need to take them on walks and play with them, which enhances their mood and fitness.
  2. Dogs bring about routine: A senior suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s may struggle to go through the day alone. A companion dog provides structure and routine, such as feeding and walking times, that gives the owner purpose.
  3. Dogs make a home or surrounding lively: Dogs are usually happy creatures who love running around. The joyfulness added to their people’s friendliness could help alleviate loneliness in the house and force the owner to make connections when outdoors, like in the park.

What to Consider

Here are factors to consider when choosing a dog for a senior.


Dogs require maintenance from their owners. Some need daily bathing, trimming, and clipping, while others need daily walks. Choose one whose requirements the senior or a family member can easily handle.


Does your budget allow you to own a dog? Caring for a dog requires sufficient funds. You’ll need veterinarian services, pet insurance, food, toys, and other things that aren’t usually cheap.

Home setup

If you are going for a puppy, you need to remember it can be as clumsy as a baby. You’ll need dog-proofing to keep your new pup safe. You’ll also need to ensure garbage cans are closed, toilet seats are down, and all toxic plants are far from the dog’s reach.

Energy Levels

How much you want to engage and entertain your dog dictates the dog breed you can consider. Some breeds are very energetic, so they may not be appropriate for a senior who has limited mobility.

Top Dog Breeds For Seniors

Here are some top breeds for seniors.


They are the best if you love a huge dog that’s easy to manage. Most love to sit on the couch and enjoy a few walks during the week.


The poodle is a clever, quick learner that stays affectionate and loyal to the owner. They need grooming every two months but are easy to manage.


The Maltese is a small dog that loves spending time on the owner’s lap and taking short walks. They are easy to handle and are lightweight; they can even fit in a backpack.


The Shih-Tzu is another small dog that is ideal for seniors. They are easy to train and handle but will need daily walks.

Other dogs for seniors include;

  • Terriers
  • Pug
  • Havanese
  • Bichon Frise
  • Bolognese
  • Welsh Corgi
  • Beagle

How Our Home Care Agency Can Help

Dogs are helpful to seniors as companions and helpers. They make the seniors’ lives brighter and help fill it with purpose.


Bluebird Homecare offers adequate expert care that helps elderly seniors live independently. Getting companion dogs for them is just part of the process!

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