You’ve probably heard the popular catchphrase: “There’s an app for that!”

However, if you are still getting used to the bewildering array of small electronic gadgets for everything from communicating with loved ones to watching movies or taking pictures, you may be puzzled at what that phrase means.

Apps (short for “applications”) are small pieces of software or “mini-programs” designed to offer users shortcuts, improve user experience and generally make their users’ lives a little easier. No longer limited to just the younger generations, newer apps on the market are aimed at giving seniors help and information in dozens of useful ways.

Some of these newer apps streamline all those confusing (and seldom-used) buttons on those small phone screens. Others safely store family medical records or helps with tracking and paying bills efficiently.

Here are several apps for seniors that can be easily added to most devices and platforms, such as Apple’s iPhones and iPads and Android devices:

1.) Kindle

This popular Amazon gadget also has a mobile app for turning tablets into e-readers, with the ability to enlarge and adjust brightness of the screens for comfortable viewing, as well as an ‘invert mode’ for turning the background black with white text for reading in darker conditions without eyestrain. The app comes with a built-in dictionary and text to speech functions with easy and quick access to new books. For Android and Apple platforms.

2.) MedWatcher

Designed in collaboration with the FDA with functionality approved, this app reminds you when to take your medication and get your recommended exercise as well as providing access to your drug prescriptions, their uses and side effects. For both Android and Apple users.

3.) My Medical

If you ever wanted to have your or a family member’s medical records at your fingertips, this is the app for you: keep all of your important records kin one place, including blood tests and X-ray information. For more security, you can store and back up records on your computer. Available for either Android or Apple users.

4.) Mint: Budget, Bills and Money

Never miss a billing due date again with this handy money-managing app. After the initial easy set up, it will proactively keep track of your bills as well as keep an eye on your bank and charge accounts in one easy-to-find and use place. You can also use it to pay bills and keep your credit squeaky clean. For Android and Apple users.

5.) Senior Phone

This Android app replaces the usual busy Android screen full of gazillion app buttons and other clutter with larger, easy-to-read and use buttons such as “Call”, “Text”, as well as an “SOS” for sending any SMS and location identifier.

6.) Silver Surf

As a free app for iPads and iPhones, here is a nifty way to optimize surfing the web for older users who may trouble navigating the web, especially for those having difficulty reading the smaller text. The app has the ability to adjust both contrast and font size, using a simple “zoom slider” to enlarge or reduce instead of the usual “pinch to zoom” – making this great for those suffering from arthritis and limited finger motion.

7.) WebMD

This popular website is noted for its accurate and helpful information in layman’s terms. Their app lets you look up symptoms and cope with medical emergencies for Apple and Android users.

While computers and mobile devices may still be a mystery to older folks, with these handy apps for seniors, many are learning to use these to stay informed, keep mentally active and in touch.