As the fastest growing age demographic includes those aged 65 and older, finding alternative care methods for your loved one is beneficial. However, knowing which factors might lead you to find care methods can be influential to this process.

From physical impairments or disabilities, a new diagnosis, post-surgery recovery, worsening ailments, and declining overall health, finding the right homecare solutions for your loved one can save you time worrying and set your seniors up for success. For elderly adults who are no longer independent or in good health, aging at home may be the best next step.

Here are some of Bluebird Homecare’s solutions:

  1. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & More
  2. Companionship & Home Assistance
  3. Meal Services
  4. Appointment Transportation Services
  5. “Hospice” Home care Services
  6. Safe Home Solutions

Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s & More

Specialized senior diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s can take an emotional and physical toll on your loved one, your family, and your livelihood. When it comes to these advanced diseases, the care for your senior loved one can often take more time than you may have.

When your parents or loved one begins to experience confusion, difficulty remembering or performing simple tasks, or trouble with daily activities, caring for them can become more difficult. The Bluebird staff is available to provide at-home, non-medical assistance with common daily challenges, because you know home is best and where your family wants to be.

Senior Companionship & In-Home Senior Care Assistance

Whether your senior loved one needs just a little bit of companionship while you’re away at work, or they need someone to help them maintain their own home, cook meals and stay on top of their health, Bluebird Homecare can help. With companion services that provide your aging loved one with the company, on-site supervision and assistance that they need to remain independent and in their own homes, you can rest assured that your loved one will be cared for all day long.

As well as providing companionship to your elderly loved one, our at-home caregivers can ensure that they do not hurt themselves or put themselves in harm’s way throughout the day. With our homecare services, we have brought the delivery of home care to the next level for our elderly clients. As many aging or disabled individuals struggle to plan, prepare, or remember to feed themselves, take their meds, or clean up a mess that could cause them to slip, Bluebird Homecare understands this struggle. That’s why we offer your senior loved ones with the consistent companionship services they need.

Contact Bluebird Homecare to preserve the health and independence of your senior loved one!

Safe & Accessible Transportation Solutions

One of the biggest issues we face as we age is the inability to drive our own vehicles. This can pose issues when it comes time for an important or regular doctor’s appointment, getting to the grocery store and so much more. Transportation is one of the key factors in maintaining one’s independence, but many elderly or disabled individuals cannot tackle this on their own anymore.

Choosing the right at-home solutions will ensure that your loved one gets to their destinations safely and on time. Bluebird Homecare can assist if you or someone you love is having difficulty driving or getting around on their own. Our at-home service providers can get your loved one to and from their important destinations without taking away that sense of independence.

“Hospice” Home Care Services

Oftentimes, elderly parents suffering from end of life issues, or health problems that would require “hospice” care will still wish to live their remaining days in the comfort of their own home. When someone close to you is facing a terminal diagnosis, ensuring a sense of normalcy can be very helpful.

Our end-of-life home care services allow you to ensure that your loved one maintains their independence while getting the supervision, assistance, and support they need when you can’t be there. Let your loved one finish out their days with people they love.

Safe Home Solutions

It is often the most convenient for seniors to receive care at home, regardless of where they reside. Furthermore, they will retain most of their independence as they receive more individualized home healthcare. As family members or friends age, it is natural to worry about their well-being and safety.

No matter where you choose to care for your loved one, you want to maintain a sense of ease when thinking about them.  You won’t need to worry about your loved one’s safety if they receive care at home, since they will be monitored 24 hours a day.

Aging in one’s own home is a great option to ensure that you or a loved one maintain independence and a familiar life, all while costing less than most other assisted living options. Bluebird Homecare helps make healthy, independent living in the home possible. If you or a loved one is looking to age in place, contact us to see how we can help.