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The Negative Effects of Winter on the Elderly and How to Stay Healthy

The winter months pose a variety of dangers to the elderly population. This is because aging causes people to become more vulnerable to the effects of the cold. In order to help your loved one avoid the negative effects of winter, we’ve compiled a list of dangers to look out for and ways to combat […]

The Case for Longevity: Benefits to Seniors Who Age in Place

Growing older presents many challenges and changes for both the individual aging and their surrounding family and friends. And one change that a vast majority of seniors want to avoid is moving out of their homes. In fact, according to an AARP study, 90% of older adults want to remain living in their homes for […]

4 Unique Ways to Pay for Homecare Services

It can be a stressful time if you have elderly parents or other loved ones that need homecare services to help them take care of themselves. You are concerned with finding the best agency to provide the best quality of care, but then the question arises — how are you going to pay for homecare services? […]

Future Trends in Home Care Technology

New technologies, and improvements to existing…

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